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About Us

Texas Election Source was a subscriber-supported news service. Published from November 2013 to December 2022, Texas Election Source offered Jeff Blaylock’s authoritative, unique and data-driven perspective on Texas politics and campaigns.

We sifted through more than three decades of precinct-level election results, campaign contributions and expenditures, demographic data and public opinion polls to provide one of the most accurate, comprehensive and useful tools for understanding the dynamics of Texas elections. We didn’t drown our subscribers in that data, and we didn’t make our subscribers sift through all of it on their own. Instead, we focused on what was important to the state’s key races and political climate.

We tracked more than 600 candidates for statewide office, the Texas Legislature and Congress every election cycle. We also followed special elections, important local races, constitutional referenda, significant court cases and, when the Legislature is in session, key bills that could significantly impact elections in Texas.

From political professionals who ply their trades in the Texas Capitol to concerned citizens who want to know more about Texas politics, Texas Election Source was a relied-upon resource for political knowledge that’s simply not available anywhere else.

Texas Election Source was non-partisan and not affiliated with any candidate, caucus or interest group. We did not endorse candidates.

Jeff is a political junkie and longtime public policy wonk who has worked political campaigns in Texas and several other states, ranging from school boards to legislators to governors to referenda. Offering 25 years of political campaign, government and advocacy experience, Jeff is a noted expert on Texas politics, legislative process and public affairs.

He has developed a keen sense of elections and voting trends, particularly in Texas. He has built predictive analytical tools to anticipate election results, and he accurately predicted the seismic shift in Texas house seats in 2010 down to a single race. Since then, Jeff has correctly picked more than 98% of Texas races for the legislature, statewide office and Congress.

Jeff has conducted the most comprehensive analysis of straight-party voting in Texas, observing the shifts in voting behavior at the state, county, district and precinct level. Using data as far back as 1986, Jeff has tracked voters’ increased use of the straight-party option and its impact on election results and partisan competitiveness at all levels of government.

For years, Jeff shared his keen insights into Texas politics solely with his consulting clients. For more than a decade, he offered his significant knowledge of, and accurate predictive analysis about, Texas elections as Texas Election Source.

Jeff understands public policy and the ways issues can resonate in elections. He was a managing director at the respected public affairs firm Public Strategies (now Hill+Knowlton Strategies), where he advised clients on legislative strategies, public affairs, strategic and crisis communication, and brand reputation.

He served the Texas House of Representatives as a chief committee clerk for the powerful State Affairs Committee and the Financial Institutions Committee. During his six years in the Capitol, Jeff became an expert on legislative process and rules. No point of order was ever sustained against the committees’ legislation under his leadership.

He has also served as a policy and budget analyst for the White House’s Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He served in various management roles in numerous political campaigns across the country. Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a political science minor from Texas Christian University and a master’s in public policy from Georgetown University.

Jeff is the VP-Client Services of Kith, a crisis consulting firm.

Jeff Blaylock, Publisher of Texas Election Source
Jeff Blaylock
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