Gov. Greg Abbott (R) reported more cash on hand ($38.2M) than all of the Republican legislative incumbents and candidates on the 2020 general election ballot combined ($32.1M) and all of the Republican congressional incumbents and candidates on the 2020 general election ballot combined ($33.8M).

Republican officeholders and candidates greatly out-raised their Democratic rivals, $23.3M to $9.2M, for the period, but 57% of contributions going to Republicans went to officeholders not up for re-election in 2020, led by Abbott’s $7.7M. Republicans have an even greater advantage in cash on hand (COH), $111.1M to $22M, but that advantage shrinks to $32.1M to $12.4M when you take away the offices not on the ballot this year.

Abbott raised $7.7M during the first half of 2020, nearly matching his total during the last half of 2019. His $38.1M war chest is the fifth largest ever reported, trailing only his own totals over $40M reported between July 2017 and February 2018. As governor, he has raised $105M for his campaign account, and he now trails former Gov. Rick Perry (R) by just $5.2M for the all-time record for a Texas governor.

The fundraising period covered by July semiannual reports varies based on whether a candidate had a contested primary or was involved in a special election. For candidates unopposed in the primary, these reports disclose contributions received and expenditures made during the first six months of 2020. For candidates who faced primary opposition, the period begins in late February.

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