Federal officeholders and candidates were required to file quarterly campaign finance reports today (Tuesday). Our Crib Sheets have been updated with the latest numbers.

SEN: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R) out-raised the collective Democratic field, $3.2M to $2.8M, and he has nearly $11M on hand. Among the Democrats, the top fundraisers were M.J. Hegar ($1.0M), Amanda Edwards ($557K), Sen. Royce West ($550K) and Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez ($459K). Former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell (D-Houston) reported $206K in contributions for the period. Hegar has the biggest cash on hand figure with $894K, but Cornyn has $12 for every $1 Hegar has in hand.

CD2: U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston) raised nearly $1.4M and has more than $1.6M on hand. He has raised $2.7M since January 1. Elisa Cardnell, his lone current Democratic opponent, raised $100K and has $61K on hand.

CD6: Democratic challenger Stephen Daniel narrowly out-raised U.S. Rep. Ron Wright (R-Arlington), $111K to $106K, for the quarter. Wright has a $112K to $41K advantage in cash on hand. Wright has raised less than $200K for the year, which is less than any other Republican incumbent from Texas, including the ones not seeking re-election.

CD7: U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-Houston) raised $640K and has more than $1.4M on hand. Wesley Hunt outpaced the rest of the Republican field with $469K in contributions and $666K cash on hand. Cindy Siegel was the second-place Republican with $67K in contributions for the period and $124K on hand.

CD8: U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-The Woodlands) raised $229K, his lowest total for a quarter this year.

CD10: U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul raised $334K and has $820K on hand, but the three Democrats in the race out-raised him for the period. Shannon Hutcheson raised $210K and has $373K on hand. Pritesh Gandhi raised $185K and has $318K on hand. Mike Siegel raised $109K and has $152K on hand. Collectively, the Democrats raised $504K and have $843K on hand.

CD11 open: Most candidates in the race did not file reports, which means they are far behind Austin Pfluger, who raised $705K and has $700K on hand. Ross Lacy raised $144K and has $134K on hand.

CD12: Primary challenger Chris Putnam out-raised U.S. Rep. Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) when his $250K loan to himself is included. Putnam reported $456K in contributions, and Granger raised $284K. Granger has the advantage in cash on hand, $563K to $448K.

CD17 open: Retiring U.S. Rep. Bill Flores (R-Bryan) had the most contributions ($26K) and most cash on hand ($433K) of the candidates who filed reports as of press time. Former U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) reported no contributions but has $307K on hand.

CD21: Democratic challenger Wendy Davis out-raised U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Austin) for the quarter, $941K to $574K, but the incumbent has a $1.1M to $604K advantage in cash on hand.

CD22 open: Kathaleen Wall contributed $600K to her own campaign, giving her the highest contribution total for the period, but she has less on hand than Sri Kulkarni, who raised $396K for the quarter. Among the Republicans, the candidates who raised the most from sources other than the candidate were Greg Hill ($218K) and Felicia Harris Hoss ($211K). Combined, they have less on hand than Wall. On the Democratic side, the next highest contribution total was reported by Derrick Reed, who raised $114K. Kulkarni has a 10-to-1 advantage in cash on hand over Reed.

CD23 open: Most of the Republicans in the field to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Will Hurd (R-San Antonio) did not file reports as of press time. Tony Gonzales raised $152K, including a $65K loan, giving him $107K on hand. Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones raised nearly $1.1M and has $1.4M on hand.

CD24 open: Beth Van Duyne has established herself as the early frontrunner. She raised $347K and has $319K on hand. Among the Democrats, Kim Olson leads with $264K in contributions followed by Candace Valenzuela with $120K. Olson has the advantage in cash on hand, $326K to $109K, over Valenzuela.

CD28: U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) out-raised primary challenger Jessica Cisneros, $377K to $218K, and he has a $3.2M to $292K advantage in cash on hand.

CD31: U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-Round Rock) raised $152K and has $726K on hand. Nine Democratic candidates, including two who filed termination reports, collectively reported $136K in contributions, and they have $78K on hand.

CD32: U.S. Rep. Colin Allred (D-Dallas) raised $583K and has nearly $1.5M on hand. Genevieve Collins established herself as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination with $458K in contributions, and she has $446K on hand.

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