Between campaign contributions to candidates and independent expenditures made to support or oppose them, $300M went into the U.S. Senate race and 36 Congressional races in the state. For the election cycle, the federal candidates on the general election ballot raised more than $200M and spent nearly as much. Another $100M was spent in the form of independent expenditures.

The U.S. Senate race between U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R) and Democratic rival M.J. Hegar accounted for about a third of all contributions and independent expenditures, including the primary elections.

The most recent campaign finance reporting period included all contributions received and expenditures made between October 15 and November 23. The state’s congressional candidates raised nearly $25M and spent more than $44M during that period.

Cornyn and Hegar accounted for about a third of those $25M in contributions.

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