SD6 special: Over 1K people voted today in person and mostly by mail, bringing the four-day total to just over 4K, corresponding to about 1.3% turnout. Eight days of early voting remain before the December 11 election.

Despite the very low participation rate so far, an increasing prevalence of mail-in ballots are likely to lift this special election over the one in January 2013, when just over 16K voted. It was the fewest votes cast in a special election for a Senate seat since at least 1996 (and likely much longer).

So far, ballot-by-mail voters represent more than 70% of votes cast in this year’s special election. Almost 9K more mail ballots have not yet been returned. In that 2013 special election, mail ballots accounted for just 20% of all votes. However, in 2013, more than 5K people voted early in person, averaging 445 per day. Through four days, the in-person daily average is 305, and the number of in-person early voters has exceeded 300 just once.

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