Sen. Bob Hall (R-Edgewood) out-raised Rep. Cindy Burkett (R-Sunnyvale) during the last six months of 2017, and he has a $155K advantage in cash on hand. Burkett slightly outspent Hall for the period. Overall, Hall has raised nearly $250K more than Burkett. Neither candidate reported a loan balance.

Both Republican candidates were subject to a statutory moratorium on campaign contributions during the regular legislative session and veto period. During the last 12 days of June, Hall out-raised Burkett, $176K to $24K. Democrat Kendall Scudder raised $54K during the second half of 2017, bringing his overall total to nearly $80K. Libertarian Tom Gotcher reported no contributions during the year.

Austin ($340K) was the largest geographic source of campaign contributions, followed by Dallas ($150K), Cisco ($130K) and Houston ($70K).

Just over $116K was contributed from zip codes located entirely or partially within the district. Scudder collected $46K from district zip codes, comprising 62% of his total contributions. District zip codes accounted for 11% of Burkett’s total contributions and 6% of Hall’s. Scudder received 312 contributions from individuals from district zip codes, leading Hall (233) and Burkett (131).

Hall’s three largest contributors – Empower Texans PAC ($150K), Texas Right to Life PAC ($55K) and Darwin Deason ($25K) – accounted for 39% of Hall’s total contributions. Burkett’s three largest contributors – Associated Republicans of Texas ($36K), Texas Medical Assoc. TEXPAC ($26K) and Charles Butt ($20K) – comprised 24% of her total contributions. Scudder’s three largest contributors – Cristin Shamburger ($18K), Kolby Flowers ($12K) and the Texas Democratic Party ($4K) – represented 46% of his total contributions.

Sen. Hall

Sen. Bob Hall

Retired business owner
Served since 2015

Largest Contributors

$150,000 – Empower Texans PAC

$125,000 – Farris Wilks

$55,000 – Texas Right to Life PAC

$25,000 – Darwin Deason

$20,000 – Tim Dunn, Dick Saulsbury

$17,500 – Darlene Pendery

$15,000 – Blackridge, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC

$10,000 – Kyle Stallings

Rep. Burkett

Rep. Cindy Burkett

Serving fourth term in HD113

Largest Contributors

$35,900 – Associated Republicans of Texas PAC

$26,250 – Texas Medical Assoc. TEXPAC

$20,000 – Charles Butt

$15,000 – Al Hill Jr.

$10,000 – David Laney, Texas Assoc. of Business BACPAC, Texas Auto Dealers Assoc. PAC

$7,500 – Robert Lanham Jr.

$7,000 – CVS Health PAC


Kendall Scudder

Nonprofit manager

Largest Contributors

$18,010 – Cristan Shamberger

$12,000 – Kolby Flowers

$4,000 – Texas Democratic Party

$3,161 – Jo Sutton

$2,000 – Anna Hanna

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