Turnout Report: A new report by the U.S. Elections Project (PDF) and Nonprofit VOTE found that states with same-day registration had higher turnout for the 2018 general election than states that have a registration deadline prior to the election. Fifteen states currently allow voters with a valid identification to register or update registrations on the day they vote, and two others permit same-day registration during early voting only. Average turnout in those states was 56%, seven points above the average for all other states.

  • Seven of the 10 states with the highest turnout have same-day voter registration.
  • Eight of the 10 states with the lowest turnout, including Texas, have a registration deadline four weeks prior to the election.
  • Just one of the 17 states with same-day voter registration ranked lower than 34th in turnout (Hawai’I ranked 50th.).
  • 13 of the 16 states with the lowest turnout have a four-week registration deadline

The impact of higher turnout with same-day registration is higher among voters under age 35, according to an analysis of California’s same-day registrations cited by the report.

Texas ranked 41st in turnout, measured as the percent of voting-eligible adults casting ballots, in 2018, up from 50th in 2014.

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