Delegates to the Republican Party’s virtual state convention elected Army veteran and former one-term Florida congressman Allen West over incumbent state chairman James Dickey, who conceded the race around 4 a.m. this morning (Monday) while Senate district caucuses were still voting. Dickey declined to force a virtual floor vote.

Hamilton Co. party chair was Cat Parks was elected vice-chair over incumbent Alma Perez Jackson. Parks led the party’s candidate recruitment efforts this cycle.

HD92 open: Republican nominee Jeff Cason’s July semiannual report indicated he raised $81K since the primary election and has $51K on hand. Democratic challenger Jeff Whitfield raised $201K over the same period and has $188K on hand.

HD100: Dallas Co. posted revised election results after counting provisional and overseas absentee ballots. Jasmine Crockett’s lead over Rep. Lorraine Birabil (D-Dallas) remained virtually unchanged at 90 votes. Crockett led by 92 votes on Election night.

CD23 open: Tony Gonzales II’s lead over Raul Reyes Jr. increased to 27 votes after Bexar Co. completed counting provisional and overseas absentee ballots. Other counties in the district have not yet finalized their tabulations. They have until Thursday to do so.

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