Early voting for the November 3 general election has concluded in Texas. At least 9M Texans voted early through yesterday (Thursday) with an uptick in turnout expected on the final day. Coming into today (Friday), 53.3% of registered voters had already cast ballots. Turnout in 2016, including Election Day, was 59.4%.

More Texans have already voted early than voted in any other election in Texas, eclipsing 2016’s 8.97M, which included Election Day. The total number of early voters will rise further once absentee ballots arriving after today are counted.

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More than 3M Texans who voted in at least one of the last four even-year general elections have not yet voted. If most of those cast ballots today or, more likely, on Election Day, then turnout could exceed 12M voters – 3M more than in 2016.

Over the past three general elections, about 15% of registered voters cast ballots on Election Day. If that were to occur this year, then we would expect 2.5M people to vote on Tuesday.

House Speaker: Rep. John Cyrier (R-Lockhart) has withdrawn his candidacy for Speaker and endorsed Rep. Geanie Morrison (R-Victoria).

Supreme Court: Justice Rebeca Huddle (R) was sworn in today (Friday) by Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who appointed her to succeed former Justice Paul Green (R), who resigned.

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