More than 930K Harris Co. voters cast a straight-party vote in 2018, representing more than three quarters of all votes cast there, shattering county records for straight-party voting. Democratic candidates enjoyed a straight-party advantage of more than 105K votes on their way to sweeping all countywide offices.

Including straight-party Libertarian ballots, 77.2% of Harris Co. voters cast a straight-party vote, up nearly 10 percentage points from 2016 and more than 8 percentage points higher than the previous high, 68.8% in 2012. It’s the fifth straight election where at least two thirds of all votes cast in Harris Co. were straight-party votes.

Compared to 2016, 43K more straight-party Democratic and 9K more straight-party Republican votes were cast. Compared to 2014, 316K more people cast a straight-party Democratic vote, double the increase in straight-party Republican votes, which increased by 157K.

As is usually the case, straight-party voting determined the outcomes of most races in the county. In at least three races, candidates overcame a straight-party disadvantage to win.

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