A new Quinnipiac Univ. poll suggests no 2020 presidential candidate, including President Trump, enjoys the support of a majority of Texas voters. As in its February poll, the poll released today shows Trump’s level of support is largely independent of the hypothetical Democratic opponent, unless that opponent is former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump trails Biden, 48%-44%, among “Texas voters,” marking the first time a Qunnipiac poll has shown Trump trailing a potential Democratic opponent since his election. He leads the other polled contenders by 1-4 points, all within the poll’ stated margin of error of ±3.4%. Trump’s support peaks at 48% against former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-El Paso), while his non-Biden opponents peak at 45% (O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren).

In February, Quinnipiac found Trump and Biden were statistically tied with Trump ahead by a point, 47%-46%. In that poll, women supported Biden, 51%-42%, and men backed Trump, 52%-41%. Since then, both genders have shifted slightly toward Biden. In the new poll, women support Biden, 54%-39%, while men back Trump, 50%-42%. The most significant shift occurred among independent voters. They favored Biden, 46%-41% (+5). In February and now back Biden, 55%-33% (+22).

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