A week has passed since the general election. Today was the deadline for voters who cast provisional ballots to cure whatever discrepancy prevented them from casting a regular ballot. It was also the deadline for military and overseas ballots to arrive in order to be counted. These will be reviewed by the counties’ early voting ballot boards, which are (typically) bipartisan panels appointed to assist the vote-counting process.

After those panels complete their reviews, counties can canvass the returns. These official results will vary from what was posted on Election night because cured provisional votes and later-arriving overseas ballots will have been counted and any tabulation errors will have been corrected.

Counties have until November 20 to report their canvassed results to the Secretary of State.

It is rare that these activities change the outcome of a race, but several we track remain close enough that these additional ballots, or a recount, could potentially flip the result.

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