Rep. Wayne Faircloth (R-Dickinson) holds a 3-to-2 edge in campaign contributions, but challenger Mayes Middleton has outspent Faircloth by $380K. The challenger has a significant advantage in cash on hand, $569K to $223K.

Democrat Amanda Jamrok, who is unopposed in the primary, has raised less than $1K, and Libertarian Lawrence Johnson has not filed a report. This analysis focuses on the Republicans.

Mayes Middleton


Rep. Wayne Faircloth

Rep. Wayne

Middleton, a Wallisville oil company executive, loaned his campaign $500K in late December, bringing his total loan principal balance to $985K. Faircloth has a $30K loan principal balance, which he has held since his initial campaign finance report was filed in 2012. These amounts are not included in their contribution totals.

Middleton’s ability to self-fund his campaign alters the typical dynamic of a primary challenger needing significant campaign contributions from outside sources in a short period of time. Over the last six years, Middleton and members of his family have given at least $915K to Republican candidates, party organizations and movement conservative PACs (including, ironically, a pair of donations totaling less than $4K to Faircloth in 2014). Middleton is a former board member of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Empower Texans Foundation.

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