HD79 special: Through Saturday, the last day for which numbers are available, 1,193 people have voted early, amounting to 1.4% of registered voters. Early voting ends Friday.

HD145 special: Through the first eight days of early voting including today (Tuesday), just 742 people have cast ballots, amounting to just over 1% of registered voters. Early voting ends Friday. Turnout for this special election threatens to break the mark for fewest votes cast in a legislative special election since at least 1992. In May 2016, just 1,841 votes were cast in the HD139 special election won by Rep. Jarvis Johnson (D-Houston). Turnout for that election was 2%.

Term limits: Sen. Pat Fallon (R-Frisco) filed a measure that would amend the constitution to impose term limits on legislators. Senate Joint Resolution 29 would limit House members to no more than six terms and senators to no more than six regular sessions or a seventh if elected to a four-year term following their fifth session. Legislative service prior to 2021 would not count toward those limits.

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