Note: We changed the headline of this post since our Breaking News alert because there were some changes in the runoff lineup depending on when one last looked at results last night. We have also updated the Prop 10 paragraph and statewide turnout paragraph.

Constitutional Amendments: Nine of the 10 propositions passed. Voters rejected Prop 1, permitting a person to hold more than office as a municipal judge, 65%-35%. With no known significant opposition to this proposition, it appears voters simply did not approve of the concept of a public official holding multiple offices. It was the first constitutional amendment voted down by the voters since 2011.

Prop 10, allowing the transfer of a law enforcement animal to a qualified caretaker, appears to have just missed becoming the most popular change to the Texas Constitution in state history. It received 93.75% of the vote, less than a tenth of a point behind 1997’s proposal to increase the residential homestead exemption (93.83%). There appear to be some numbers yet to be reported to the state, so this result could still shift and history could still be made.

Unofficial statewide turnout was 12.3%, which is the highest odd-year general election turnout since 2005 (18%) and the second highest since 1993 (12.6%).

HD28 special: As we reported overnight, Democrat Eliz Markowitz (39%) will face Republican Gary Gates (28%) in the runoff. Markowitz finished in first but underperformed the 2018 Democratic nominee in the district by 6 points. Collectively, the Republican candidates received 61% of the vote. Turnout has not yet been reported.

HD100 special: As we reported overnight, Democrat Lorraine Birabil (33%) will face Democrat James Armstrong III (21%), barring any changes from provisional votes, uncounted overseas ballots and a recount. Armstrong trailed Daniel Clayton most of the night but finished 5 votes ahead when all votes were counted. Turnout was 7.9%.

HD148 special: Democrat Anna Eastman (20%) and Republican Luis La Rotta (16%) advanced out of the 15-person field to make the runoff. Democrat Adrian Garcia, who is of no relation to former Sheriff and current Harris Co. Comm. Adrian Garcia (D), came in third at 12%, followed by Republican Ryan McConnico (11%), Democrat Michele Leal (9%) and Democrat Penny Morales Shaw (8%). Overall, Democratic candidates received 69% of the vote. Turnout was 24%.

Houston: Twelve city council races and the mayoral race are headed to runoffs. Four council incumbents – Martha Castex-Tatum (Robert Gallegos (Dist. I), Dave Martin (Dist. E) and Greg Travis (Dist. G) – and City Controller Chris Brown won re-election outright. Mayor Sylvester Turner (47%) will face Tony Buzbee (28%). Turner’s 2015 runoff opponent, Bill King, was a distant third with 14% followed by council member Dwight Boykins (6%). Turnout citywide was 22%.

The council seat runoffs:

  • A: Amy Peck (45%) and George Zoes (17%)
  • B: Tarsha Jackson (21%) and Cynthia Bailey (14%)
  • C: Abbie Kamin (32%) and Shelley Kennedy (15%)
  • D: Carolyn Evans-Shabazz (17%) and Brad “Scarface” Jordan (15%)
  • F: Tiffany Thomas (39%) and Van Huynh (23%)
  • H: Incumbent Karla Cisneros (38%) and Isabel Longoria (27%)
  • J: Edward Pollard (30%) and Sandra Rodriguez (30%)
  • At Large 1: Incumbent Mike Knox (36%) and Raj Salhotra (22%)
  • At Large 2: Incumbent David Robinson (38%) and Willie Davis (27%)
  • At Large 3: Incumbent Michael Kubosh (48%) and Janaeya Carmouche (22%)
  • At Large 4: Anthony Dolcefino (21%) and Leticia Plummer (16%)
  • At Large 5: Sallie Alcorn (23%) and Eric Dick (20%).

The December runoff date has not been set by the council.

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