Filing for the 2020 election begins tomorrow (Saturday). In Texas, candidates for county, state and federal elective office are nominated for the general election by their respective political parties unless they are running as an independent or write-in candidate. The Democratic and Republican Parties nominate their general election candidates with primary elections. The Libertarian and Green Parties – and any new parties that may organize in time for this election – nominate their general election candidates with conventions.

Candidates seeking the Democratic or Republican nomination must file their applications by December 9. They will file with their county party organization if they are seeking county offices or if the state or federal district they are seeking lies entirely within one county. If their desired district lies in more than one county, then they file with the state party organization. These deadlines also apply to Libertarian and Green Party candidates, and they also apply for candidates seeking the nomination of a party that does not have ballot access. A new law (House Bill 2504) requires minor party candidates to pay a filing fee or collect a minimum number of signatures. This law is currently being challenged in court. That same law adjusted the thresholds for obtaining ballot access, which had the effect of restoring automatic ballot access to the Green Party.

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