Today (Wednesday) was the deadline for all federal and state officeholders and candidates to file campaign finance reports covering various periods ending June 30 (except state runoff candidates). Federal candidates’ July semiannual reports become available online as they are filed, so today’s report and Crib Sheet updates are exclusively federal. State reports typically become available online the next day, which is tomorrow.

Overall, the candidates in the more competitive races found ways to raise money despite the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on fundraisers, meet-and-greets and other “retail politics.” A few incumbents posted relatively small totals, which is not uncommon for this period. It is usually more an insight into how they perceive their opponent’s competitiveness rather than an indication that fundraising is off the mark.

As we swing into general election season, the most important numbers today are cash on hand and total contributions for the cycle. Cash on hand is the relative starting line, and total contributions is an indicator of future fundraising success. There will be exceptions – I have no doubt that Fort Bend Co. Sheriff Troy Nehls (R) will be the beneficiary of efforts to keep open CD22 in Republican hands – as PACs and party organizations focus on November.

With several reports still outstanding, congressional and U.S. Senate candidates still in the game raised $22M during the second quarter, and they collectively have $61M on hand.

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