Based on county turnout reports we’ve seen covering today’s (Friday) activity, we estimate the number of early votes cast statewide during the first 5 days of the 2018 early voting period exceeds the total number of votes cast during the entire 12-day early voting period in 2014.

The pace of early voting still lags behind the pace set in 2016 but is otherwise ahead of every other presidential election at this point in those early voting periods and every gubernatorial election at any point in their early voting periods. Early voting continues through November 2.

Before we get into the record-breaking numbers at the county level, let’s look back at Day 4 (Thursday).

Day 4 turnout dipped slightly from Wednesday, and it has now fallen each day this week heading into today (Friday).

As a result, 2018 turnout is losing ground on 2016 but is otherwise above every other early voting period in the state’s history.

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