Early voting continues through Tuesday in most jurisdictions holding local elections on Saturday. Turnout continues to be light across most of the state.

  • Bexar Co.: Through Saturday, just over 35K people have voted in person, which is around 3.5% of registered voters. Bexar Co. does not release ballot-by-mail totals until Election Day.
  • Cameron Co.: Just over 5K people have voted in person in the Brownsville mayoral election through Saturday.
  • Dallas Co.: Through 5 p.m. today (Sunday), around 3.66% of registered voters had cast ballots. Turnout exceeds 10% in 24 of the 765 precincts participating in the election.
  • Tarrant Co.: Through 5 p.m. today (Sunday), turnout was hovering around 3% of registered voters. Fort Worth residents represented less than a third of all votes cast.

Campaign Finance: Local candidates’ 8-day-out campaign finance reports were due Friday for those jurisdictions requiring them. These reports include contributions received and expenditures made between March 26 to April 24. Highlights for selected cities are included below.

Dallas: Five mayoral candidates have raised and spent at least $500K, and a sixth has raised and spent at least $435K. Overall, the mayoral race has brought in $4.1M in contributions, and the candidates have spent $4.9M. The candidates are listed below in order of contributions for the period, and their overall contribution and expenditure totals for the campaign are in parentheses:

  • Mike Ablon raised $219K ($664K), spent $508K ($1.3M) and has $44K on hand.
  • Miguel Solis raised $198K ($614K), spent $434K ($570K) and has $30K on hand.
  • Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) raised $180K ($704K), spent $367K ($518K) and has $617K on hand.
  • Lynn McBee raised $138K ($772K), spent $661K ($956K) and has $155K on hand.
  • Regina Montoya raised $97K ($515K), spent $237K ($611K) and has $50K on hand.
  • Scott Griggs raised $79K ($304K), spent $154K ($251K) and has $35K on hand.
  • Albert Black raised $45K ($435K), spent $128K ($470K) and has $61K on hand.
  • Former Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) raised $22K ($77K), spent $25K ($69K) and has $3K on hand.
  • Steve Smith reported no contributions ($0), spent $23K ($167K) and has no cash on hand.

In D13, incumbent Jennifer Staubach Gates continued to hold a slight edge over former Mayor Laura Miller, out-raising her, $81K to $66K, for the period and $278K to $190K since January 1.

Fort Worth: Mayor Betsy Price out-raised principal challenger Deborah Peoples, $89K to $21K, and outspent her, $170K to $63K. Price has a $465K to $11K advantage in cash on hand. Since January 1, Price has out-raised Peoples, $331K to $136K, and outspent her, $321K to $96K.

San Antonio: Reports were not yet available online.

Copperas Cove: Former Mayor Bradi Diaz won a four-way special mayoral election outright with 62% of the vote. Diaz, who was mayor from 2004 to 2007, will serve the unexpired term of former Mayor Frank Seffrood, who passed away weeks after winning re-election last year. Turnout for the special election was just south of 4%. The four candidates combined spent less than $4K on the election, with Diaz accounting for about 97% of reported expenditures.

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