Early voting continues for the November 3 general election. We know that at least 1M Texans had voted in person or by mail through yesterday (Tuesday), the first day of early voting in person. That said, many numbers reported to the Secretary of State were incomplete or incorrect, so we may not know for another day or so what the unofficial figure statewide will be.

Using a combination of county numbers and Secretary of State numbers, we know that at least 738K voted in person or by mail in the 15 counties with the most registered voters through yesterday. That is already at least 150K more than the previous Day One high of 576K in 2016. I say “already,” because it excludes Fort Bend Co., which did not report numbers on its website and for which the Secretary of State numbers are incomplete (no in-person voters).

Unofficially, each of the other 14 counties with the most registered voters saw record Day One turnout:

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