Just under 2,400 provisional, overseas and military ballots have been added to Harris Co.’s Election Day totals countywide. In HD132, Democratic challenger Gina Calanni’s lead over Rep. Mike Schofield (R-Katy) increased to 113 votes from 97 votes. In HD138, Rep. Dwayne Bohac’s (R-Houston) lead over Democratic challenger Adam Milasincic shrunk to 47 votes from 72 votes. These appear to be the final numbers prior to the county canvass, which we hear will take place on Friday. If these results hold, Bohac’s will be the sixth smallest margin of victory, and Calanni’s margin would be the 10th smallest, for a Texas legislative race decided in a general election since 1992.

HD108: Democratic challenger Joanna Cattanach requested a recount. On Election night, Rep. Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas) led Cattanach by 440 votes, a margin of 0.57%. Provisional, overseas and military ballots counted since Election Day have narrowed the gap to 221 votes, a margin of 0.18%, and the county is still processing those ballots. It is unclear if the county has completed its counts. Cattanach also filed suit to force the disclosure of names of voters who voted provisionally. A similar suit filed by CD23 challenger Gina Ortiz Jones (D) was rejected yesterday (Tuesday).

CD7: Houston inside sales manager Thomas DeVor established a campaign committee to challenge U.S. Rep.-elect Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (D-Houston) as a Republican in 2020.

CD23: Revised numbers from Bexar Co., which include provisional, overseas and military ballots, show U.S. Rep. Will Hurd’s (R-San Antonio) over Democratic challenger Gina Ortiz Jones has shrunk to 1,080 votes from 1,150 votes. It is unclear if the county has completed its counts.

College Station: A December 11 runoff has been ordered to fill an open council seat. Elizabeth Cuhna (41%) faces Dennis Maloney (30%).

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