HD145 special: Former candidates Oscar Del Toro (3%), Elia de la Garza (3%) and Alfred Moreno (1%) endorsed Melissa Noriega for the runoff.

Secretary of State: The San Antonio Express-News called on Secretary of State David Whitley to withdraw from the confirmation process.

Meanwhile, U.S. District Judge Fred Biery will hold a hearing tomorrow (Tuesday) in San Antonio on one of the lawsuits filed against Whitley in his official capacity over efforts to identify possible non-citizen voter registrations. The plaintiffs, which include the League of United Latin American Citizens, are seeking a preliminary injunction against the Secretary of State’s office, and the state is seeking to have the suit dismissed.

Dallas: Three mayoral candidates were disqualified from the May 4 ballot for failing to file a sufficient number of signatures. None were considered serious contenders. The final field has nine candidates including Rep. Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) and former Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas).

Waco: The city council canceled its May 4 elections after the lone challenger in a race dropped out.

El Paso ISD: Board president Trent Hatch resigned this weekend after doubts were raised about whether he met residency requirements. Hatch was expected to seek re-election in May but is no longer a candidate.

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